- RM850 / boat (max 5pax)  RM850一艘船  (最多5人)

Langkawi Fun Fishing Half Day Tour - Include Transport 【兰卡威趣味海钓半日游-含接送】

Choose your pick up location
  • Estimate Timetable start from 0700-0800 until 1330-1430

    0700-0800 : Hotel pick-up - Pier [specific time is according to the system]

    0800-1200 : Fun Fishing

    The experienced boatman will look for a suitable sea fishing area, let you harvest the full fresh fish, and experience one of the activities of the native Langkawi. The boatman will provide (fishing rod, bait, drinking water), and the fishing time is 4 hours.

    1200-1330 : Lunch at Local Sea Fishery

    Head over to the fishing grounds for local chefs to cook a delicious seafood feast for your seafood experience! While waiting for the chefs to cook, you can visit the fishery on the sea. There are many local fish species: devil fish, couple fish, archer fish, etc. The breeder will take you to feed them or even touch them by hand.

    1330-1430 : The perfect day is drawn, back to the pickup point.


    时间约0700-0800出发; 1330-1430返回

    0700-0800 : 酒店接 - 登船出发 [具体时间以系统所示为准]

    0800-1200 : 海钓活动


    1200-1330 : 海上渔场午餐(餐费和海鲜加工费自理)


    1330-1430 : 完美的一天画上了句号,陆续送大家回程

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